Cool Niche

How to find a cool Niche to build a site around.

It’s easy really, just build a site around what interests you.

I was a bit stressed over this since all I do is eat, drink, exercise, spend hours on the computer and watch selected TV downloads.

So the answer is to obviously focus on the niches related to these activities.

One great one to me seems to be the restaurant niche, I love to eat food, drink wine and beer and tend to hook up with friends in restaurants. So I may as well combine this interest with producing web sites about the local food and locations to consume the food.

So I went on a splurge of registering a set of domain names for this purpose.

Also, I am mates with a restaurant owner and am building his website anyway.

So what I am suggesting here is to build sites around your current area of interest.

Why go for niches that you are not interested in?

So I can take my video cam to the restaurants and film food being cooked etc. All fun and part of what I would do anyway. Then take photos of the dishes. All great material to build the niche site around.

And later sell advertising space to other related businesses.

I plan to follow up on what I did in the restaurant niche since I think it is an area that most of us can do well in terms of promoting local business and generating big money.

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