Getting Things Done

Maybe you are like me? We are the doers, we simply do things and get things done.

This may start with a to-do list or simply a plan in your head derived from a strong desire to accomplish something.

So we wake up each morning with a plan of action in mind and eager to start work on it.

When I was working in my full time job, I used to spring out of bed early in the morning to work on my own personal projects before joining the commute to work.

Now I have time freedom, there are many temptations to avoid working and check out something else such as an Internet news story.

With all these temptations around us to keep us from focusing on our work, what can we do?

Well, I am not bad in this respect, I do power hours, have a list of high priority tasks, and a burning desire to get some things completed.

But today I got an email from Matt Wadsworth, the blind guy that got enormous success from the web by focusing on key tasks. He has an advantage in this respect since he is not distracted visual stimulus.

What he recommended is The Pomodoro Technique™ where the technique is to use a timer to focus on 25 minute slots where you perform key tasks, then have a short break.

I tried using my iPhone but it powers off to save battery power so you don’t get to see the time ticking away. And on my computer, I tend to fill up the screen with windows, so there is no room to show a count-down timer. So in the end I purchased a simple mechanical timer that rings a bell at the end of the 25 minutes.

So I like the idea of having these short sessions of intensely focused activity with a bell to signal the break, like an end of the boxing round.

What do you think?

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