High Converting Affiliate Site Webinar Replay

High Converting Affiliate Site Webinar Replay – Today, one of my static-content affiliate websites generated $18.55 in commission for a $185 sale while I was out cycling on my bike. I found out when I checked my e-mail after returning home.

This is the beauty of set and forget affiliate income, but it does take some up-front research into a profitable niche, setting up a high-converting site, and partnering with a suitable affiliate program. Also, there is SEO, link building etc.

Once you have done it a few times, it is straightforward, but if you are a newbie to getting automated income from the web, it can be a bit of a minefield working out which path to take.

With pay per click programs paying out in pennies, getting paid a 2-digit dollar commission on product sales can be much more lucrative.

If you want to get some free training right now on creating high income affiliate sites, check out this webinar replay:

I hope you enjoy the webinar, it’s hosted by Dan Brock whose products I do endorse, since I learned how to promote Amazon products as an affiliate from him.

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