How To Be A Success

Here are some tips based partly on my own experience and things that I am trying to improve on myself.

Have goals in mind and keep working towards them and never give up unless the goal becomes clearly unrealistic, then adjust to a more manageable goal.

Spend most of your time on productive activities.

Be curious, always wanting to learn how to do new things or understand stuff.

Realize that every person you meet knows how to do something better than you, so respect everyone and learn something from them. This may be social skills or technical skills.

Be nice to people, find it funny when someone takes a poke at you, respond to annoying people in a positive manner.

Take an interest in what other people want and help them achieve their goals. Later they may repay you in ways you didn’t expect.

Always act happy and enthusiastic, this will infect others around you with your infectious happiness and enthusiasm.

Praise people when they do anything good. When they make a mistake, recognize that they probably didn’t do it on purpose, they just needed more training or whatever.

When it seems like a disaster, it’s just a pin-prick in time in a tiny place in the universe, and tomorrow is the start of the rest of time.

Feel like a failure? Re-birth yourself now and start from scratch. How many years have you been working at what you failed at and how many years until death have you got left to change things around?

Finding it hard to make ends meet? Can’t get a partner? Stuck in a dead end job? Sell up and go live in East Asia and run an Internet business from your laptop. So you can live a luxury life at minimum cost.

Mix with happy and driven people, avoid the complainers and couch potatoes.

Look after yourself. Exercise and eat healthy food. Drink some water and eat some fruit every day.

Buy good quality merchandise, stuff that doesn’t break easily and works well.

Go to parks and walk by rivers, lakes and hills to experience nature.

Develop a success mindset, but keep it to yourself, don’t brag or tell people you are going to be rich etc. Instead, project the image and help others get what they want.

I feel that I could go on and on here, but what are your thoughts on this topic? Please write a comment …

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