How to Build a Money-Making Site #2

If you have been around the Internet Marketing Community for more than a few weeks, I am sure that you have heard the term “money site”.

But what is a money site? I’m glad you asked, basically, it is the site that you put together with the intention to generate income online.

So it could be a showcase site for Amazon Products, your product, or an eBay Niche.

In my case, I have several money sites but I want to share one of them with you today that I found to be super-easy to put together.

The concept is to suggest products that are tools to help in each stage of developing an online business.

The stages are:

  • Product/Content Creation
  • Traffic Generation
  • Delivering the Product and completing the sale

This is a greatly simplified list, and it can encompass affiliate marketing or marketing of your own products.

For my second kind of site to make money online, I took these concepts and provided products to fulfill these needs.

They are not affiliate products but rather re-sale rights products where I purchased a license to resell the products. So this is an example of how I resell products: Internet Marketing Software In this case I am developing my own products in this niche but was anxious to put my site to work with related products.

The products featured on this site are all great tools that help an Internet Marketer with the tasks that I listed above. And my aim is to gradually introduce my own solutions to the mix once they are done.

So maybe you could take this business model and adapt it to your situation where you are still in the development phase but anxious to get some kind of money site up on the web?

p.s. If you purchase any one of the tools on my example site, you can gain access to the reseller program, and get to use all of the tools available yourself. And for an added bonus, there are quite a few tools that I didn’t list on my site that you will get access to also (I wanted to Keep It Simple).

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