How to make money online

The simple fact is that you have to start out by owning your own website based on a monetizable keyword.

To purchase your domain name, go to and register it with their free privacy protection.

But, before you register, do a quick web search for a NameCheap coupon code.

So go ahead and register your domain name and publicize it in the comments to get links and traffic.

Wow, my post above is way too brief, I will have to expand on this a lot more in the future such as on:

Affiliate product selection
Creating the website
Building links to it

The world of Internet Marketing has become a huge area of mass confusion for folks, so I am very keen to put together a back-to basics guide for building your first simple set and forget money site.

I started before WordPress and Social Book marketing existed, and very simple web pages that I uploaded way back, still make daily income from the web.

But owning your own domain names is a great start. btw. your domain name doesn’t have to end in .com, I make money from a .ws domain and it contains dashes in the name.

But ideally, you do register a

I am thinking to explain how I make money from Adsense and eBay to start with.

Since this blog is about applying code and automation, I think I will describe how to implement set and forget niche mini sites that are super-optimized for keywords.

I am a bit concerned with the obsession with using WordPress and tons of plugins for niche sites, even though I do use WordPress a lot myself.

So I want to go back to basics, and show readers how to implement lean and mean mini-sites that don’t need constant updating with new versions of scripts.


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