How to speed up your blog #2

The second method to speed up your blog is to have all the Javascipt located near the end of the template.

The reason is because the visitor sees the visual elements first and these should be loaded first. The Javascript should be loaded last since it is invisible code and modifies your web page after it has loaded.

Some plugins will insert Javascript into the header of your site which is where many tutorials tell you to place it. I think this is a hang-over from the era where older browsers did not recognize Javascript so you had to hide it from them.

But my thinking is that there is no excuse now for browsers not to respond correctly to Javascript.

Javascript may be embedded anywhere into the HTML of your site.

What we need to do is to keep the visual elements up top and the dynamic Javascript features down at the bottom.

Even this task can be achieved by a WP plugin.

Here is one that seems to do this: JavaScript to Footer

So, there you go, another way to incrementally speed up your blog in anticipation of the forthcoming Digg effect on your site :-)

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