How to Turn Your Content into Multimedia

How to Turn Your Content into Multimedia –

The first stage is to record decent quality audio.

I am relatively new to this but hopefully we can work together to get it right.

Many online audio has too much background hiss, this is mainly because of cheap PC-based audio components being used.

Even expensive audio cards can’t escape the intense digital noise within the PC box. The answer to this is to have an external audio unit.

In my case I bought an Edirol UA-25 that provides professional quality audio for the PC. This unit connects digitally to the PC via a USB interface.

Also, this unit is a key component of my home multimedia system for delivering clean audio to my amp.

Other people use a headset that interfaces via a USB cable. I guess this should work OK too as long as the D-A electronics are good.

Well that is the first stage in generating high quality digital media, removing the audio buzz associated with the internal electronics of the PC.

You can download a sample audio of what I recorded here: IM Coding Radio Show Intro

Let’s discuss this topic in the comments …

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