Image SEO

Image SEO

This post is about image SEO and photo SEO

The plan here is to make sure that you maximize the search engine positioning of your images. The reason is to get traffic back to your site based on the SEO of your images.

Image SEO
Image SEO

The main factors involved in image SEO are:

  • Name of the image
  • Image dimensions
  • Alt tag

Secondary factors are:

  • image file size
  • image content
  • placement of the image

So let’s start with the most important considerations.

Your primary image needs to be big!

Images are ranked according to size in image results.

Then you need to name your image with keywords.

The way to do this is in the name of the image file and in the ALT tag.

And to help web servers deliver your image in the fastest way, specify width and height attributes. This will also help you comply with search engine best practices.

And if your image serves as a link to another place, you should include a title tag in the HTML link to show up in a mouse hover.

So, let’s put this all together in a typical image link:

The code for a simple image link for great SEO:

<a href=”mylink” title=”example image”><img src=”myimage.jpg” width=”300″ height=”250″ alt=”name of my image” /></a>

Please add your comment and recommendations on this technique …

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