Internet Marketing Bootcamp

Internet Marketing Bootcamp – One trend that I have spotted recently is the Internet Marketing Bootcamp where you not only learn Internet Marketing but you are expected to follow through with what you have learned.

I think that this is an excellent idea since there is a lot of feedback from publishers of Internet Marketing Tutorials that most people do not take action and leave the material that they purchased on their hard drive gathering digital dust.

This has a lot to do with information overload, chasing the latest shiny object and hanging out on forums. All these things prevent you from doing the work that produces your websites and traffic to make you some money online. In a similar way that watching TV soaps wastes your time. The online equivalent of TV is the webinar that drags on for 2 hours, but you can download it the next day to skim through it and cut out the fluff.

I am showing you some ideas to build profitable websites on this blog but mostly I am building my own web property and preparing to advertise my own products that I have in the pipe line. So this isn’t the best place to learn about Internet Marketing.

But I do recommend anything that I think is well worth purchasing or subscribing too where I have personally tried it or bought it etc.

So in regard to the boot camp, you can download the full video footage from a Product Creation Bootcamp if you become a member of the IM Elite Forum which is one of the hidden bonuses in the upsell when you purchase my recommended Traffic Course via the: “How to get website traffic” link in the sidebar.

I evaluated one of the ways that she uses to build a list by creating software and offering it for download, and I was amazed by how easy and effective this method was. I never heard of anything like it before and can’t wait to implement this technique across my sites. You can download the software yourself and create your own products after watching her instructional video via the above link. And don’t forget the Boot Camp!

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