Link Building With Articles

Link Building With Articles – As you may be aware, SEO is at least 1 third about building a diverse range of links to your web properties. And most people will do this via link building with articles marketing.

Unfortunately many traditional ways to distribute your articles have become ineffective due to deindexing of blog networks, duplicate content penalties, and no-follow attributes being applied to author bio boxes.

Of course, you can still write a high quality article and submit it to a no-follow network, and expect visitors from the article that were impressed by your quality of content and want to learn more from you. But why not post this content to your own site directly instead? Or, for more powerful results along these lines, try to guest post your article on a related, but more prominent blog in your niche.

But for the rest of us average article authors, what can we do? My suggestion is to write a unique informative article in the 500+ word range and then spin the content (with the Best Spinner tool). Then submit it to Unique Article Wizard for distribution amongst a range of web properties to build quality links back to your sites that you link to from within your article content.

To read more on this subject, check out the Resource Box Wizard site to get to grips with how to efficiently do link building with articles.

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