Strategy For Creating Profitable Sites

Having built many websites, it’s become clear to me that the ones that succeed are the ones that I have a personal interest in the topic. This means that it is easy to create new original content, and stick with the site for the long haul as with this blog.

Compare this to a topic that you have no interest in, and it becomes a chore, and you are inclined to take shortcuts in sourcing the content, and quickly lose interest in the project.

So for my latest niche product site I decided to focus on a subject that I had first hand experience with and actually use the products that I planned to write about. I won’t reveal the niche now, since it is irrelevant. The key thing is to look around you and notice what products you are using that could lend themselves to the topic of a niche product site.

The cool thing is that you can take photos of the items and write in detail about the features. Then your readers will know that you are really owning and using them. And, you can recommend related or alternative products via affiliate links. I think that this approach is way better than researching a topic that you have no prior knowledge of and don’t even have experience of using the products.

For the photos, I place the products on a white sheet of polystyrene butted up against a white wall. Then illuminate it well with either sunlight or say an outdoor halogen lamp. Then your photos will be much easier to edit in your favorite photo software.

But, before this, do some keyword research on your keywords to identify the most popular version of what you are planning to target, and hopefully register as an exact match domain name. Also assess the competition. If there is a bunch of authority sites in the top 10 for your keyword, and the keyword is in their URL/domain, you may want to adjust your initial target keyword.

So after some research and careful consideration, you should be able to come up with a main keyword and go to register a .com/.net/.org domain for it without any dashes e.g. (I just glanced down at the floor in my room to spot a can of computer dusting spray for this idea).

Then you need to be sure that there is an affiliate program for the related products. There will almost surely be even if you have to fall back to Amazon. I say this since you may make more money promoting products that are from a specialist company that has an affiliate program. You can track these down by tagging the word “affiliates” to your keyword in a product search.

But before applying to the affiliate program, register a domain name, and build a 1 page website. This is what I am doing. The idea is to get this site up and ranked ASAP. You can add the privacy policy and extra pages later.

For the website, write over 400 words of original content about your product area, add your photos of your products, that you own (make them small images only such as 300px square max.

Use an H1 tag for the heading of the page with your keyword that ideally matches the domain name. Have this keyword in the first and last sentence of the page. Hyper-link this keyword in the footer back to the home page.

Create a favicon.ico image for the site by reducing one of you photos down to 16×16 pixels.

With the site published. Get links to it. For this I used Unique Article Wizard since it is the quickest way to get a good influx of links. But you can do whatever you do to get links.

This is where I am at now with my new site, waiting for the links to kick in and see where I rank. Later, I can add more content, affiliate links, and a nice theme etc.

Feel free to post your thoughts and questions in the comments.

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