WordPress Cult

Am I alone in thinking that there may be a WordPress Cult developing? Everywhere you go in the Internet Marketing community now, it seems that people are pushing WordPress as if it is the holy grail of Internet Marketing solutions.

Well let’s remind ourselves that it is primarily a blogging tool and not necessarily a CMS or SEO marvel. Most of us need a bunch of plugins and configuration steps to get it to work in the way we want. So this implies that it is maybe not the best solution for our needs in many cases.

To this end I set out to discover other solutions that embrace modern design and coding solutions. There is some pretty cool stuff out there to be found once you remove your WordPress goggles.

For a site building solution, I am intrigued by Concrete5 This allows you to edit your site while it is live on the web and drag and drop sections of a web page around, and do all kinds of cool things easily.

Then I was thinking about developing custom page templates, but this can be a headache when you are trying to get CSS positioning to work and avoid using HTML tables. So I noticed that one of the “clean” themes for Content5 was based on the 960 Grid System. I had no idea what this was but discovered that it is a simple and quick way to prototype a web design.

So what do you think? Should the whole web development community use WordPress, or should we investigate other options?

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